1. Our eScapegoat has traveled a long way. We’d like to share a few of the best confessions we saw on its journey and thank you for taking part in this epic project.

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  2. Some of you took this with a grain of salt, and we laughed out loud going through many of the responses.

    Best Stories
    • I still think The Barbie Song is great!
    • I feed the dogs the food my kids make me for breakfast and then tell them I loved it!
    • I take too many selfies.
    • used sorry not sorry too many times..
    • The Daily Show is my only source of news.
    funny goat
  3. tech

    Others were clearly just looking for more ways to waste time online.
    We feel like such enablers.

    Best Stories
    • I posted angry stuff hastily on Facebook and then things got ugly w/some relatives.
    • I listened to something on the internet that probably Mommy wouldn't want me listening to.
    • I hide my kids' electronics because it's easier than having the "firm conversations" about limiting screen time.
    • I'm sorry for "unfriending" people on their Facebook birthdays.
    • This morning I read "I Can Has Cheezburger?" instead of making my kid's lunch.
  4. But then there were those of you who took our Goat to heart
    and told us about your relation with Judaism.

    Best Stories
    • I tell my kids that the ice cream van has nothing kosher.
    • I got a job on Saturday mornings.
    • I'm a zionist. I'm not a zionist. I'm confused if I'm a zionist. I won't talk about it because you'd judge me.
    • I'm first generation of my family to not go to temple and not know Hebrew. I feel bad we're losing touch with the past.
    • I say I am Jewish but I do not believe in God
    • eating pepperoni on my matza pizza
    • I keep Kosher at school. My family doesn't. When I go home I lie and say I am fine eating my mom's food.
    • I lead on religious guys on dating sites even though I don't plan on keeping kosher or Shabbat.
    • I've lost my connection to my synagogue after serving on the board. I'm sad that mean voices drown out the holy ones.
    • "If that's what they insist being Jewish means, I might as well bake a bacon cake on Yom Kippur," I said, and then did.
  5. And with your family.

    Best Stories
    • I'm sorry for not telling my family that I converted. I think they know, but it's been difficult to talk about it.
    • When my dad gives me his handy down stuff I either sell it or throw it away.
    • I'm sorry that I'm not more compassionate when my husband drinks.
    • Infertile. Rrr
    • I could have had children
    • Not sending back that ring.
    • I wish I was single sometimes.
    • I don't love my husband anymore
    • I blame my wife fo ruining my life
  6. And at times,
    simply with

    Best Stories
    • Sometimes I walk with ear buds in just so I don't have to talk to anyone. I'm not listening to music.
    • I shoplifted the dress i wore to high holiday services
    • im so sorry that i hurt you. i never meant to. i just wanted everything to go right but instead it all went so wrong :(
    • I did not finish my novel
    • I am secretly gleeful that my old high school boyfriends are all bald and that my husband has a full head of hair.
  7. We learned quite a bit.

    And thank you all for sharing.

    Best Stories
    • Formed the band Maroon 5 as a joke. Then things got completely out of hand.
    • Sometimes I tee-tee in my cats' litterbox.
    • I am sorry that I eat my sisters toast! :D
    • I sometimes fart at the gym with my ipod on full blast and pretend it doesn't make a sound.
    • I pretend to be a rabbi in my Twitter profile.
    funny goat
  8. The Origin and History

    The origin and history of the scapegoat is truly fascinating, and if you haven’t dug deeper into its past, we greatly encourage you to look. Thank you to everyone who has written about us. We’re glad you agree he’s one special little guy.

  9. If we do this again, please email us your suggestions of where, how, and who to spread the word to and what else you’d love to see us do with the goat.

    Our hope is that we not only got you to laugh, but also helped you push your own goat towards the desert. Or rather, encouraged you to work on offloading your sins.

  10. We wish you all a meaningful fast starting tomorrow night, and look forward to sharing future G-dcast Projects with you.

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    Thank you to The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties who have generously provided financial support for the eScapegoat transmedia experience.

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