Goats As Pets

When you hear the word pet, which animal comes to your mind? You think of dogs, cats, and many types of birds, isn’t it? Very few imagine a goat as a pet animal despite the fact that it is a very innocent and harmless animal. Yes, a goat can also be rebellious at times, but the fact is that it makes very intimate bonds with human beings. It is this reason why many families are choosing a goat as their pet these days. There are many species of American goats and a few of them can be kept as pets as well. 

Pygmy Goats are Most Popular as Pets

Goats have traditionally been farm animals. They are also seen in petting zoos where kids get a chance to pet and feed them. Baby goats can be very playful and curious animals. They have a friendly nature and prove to be wonderful companions for kids. Hundreds of goat breeds are found in the country and out of them it is pygmy or dwarf breeds that are regarded as ideal as pet animals. These goats can be easily domesticated. 

this image shows goats as pets

Goat Needs Another Goat to Remain Happy

You must remember the fact that goats are herd animals. In addition to human beings, they need at least another member of their species to live peacefully. Keeping a solitary goat in your home can be painful for the animal. Also, goats need a large area to roam freely. On average, you need an area of nearly 200 sq ft for every single goat in your home.… Click Here