Goat Meat – Healthiest Red Meat Around!

Goat is an animal that is as famous for its meat as it is for its milk and other dairy products. Goat meat is very delicious and it is also the most popular type of meat in the world. Goats are mostly raised as farm animals for their fur and milk. However, there are some species of American goats that are mainly bred to obtain their meat. 

Castrated Goat Meat is Tender and Delicious

Goats are castrated when they are 6-9 months old. These goats are referred to as wethers. It is these goats that provide juicy and tender meat when slaughtered before the age of one. The meat obtained from wethers is considered a delicacy in most countries. The meat obtained from the goats that have not been castrated earlier is can be very hard to chew and is often full of goatee smell and fatty flavor. 

this image shows goat meat

Goat Meat is Healthy and Tasty

There are many options in terms of buying meat for people. These include chicken, lamb, pork, and beef among others. But it is goat meat, also called mutton in South Asian countries that are regarded as the most delicious. It is a fact that goat meat has lower quantities of not just calories but also cholesterol and saturated fats. It is also richer in protein and iron than beef and other types of meats. It is therefore a better option for non-vegetarians if they are looking for meat that supports lean muscle mass and healthy unlike beef, which can make you overweight. 

Time for the Americans to Catch Up with the Rest of the World

Goat meat is called red meat and it is pinkish to red in appearance. Even though it is so tasty and healthy, goat meat is largely avoided by Americans who prefer beef and pork over goat meat. Americans show a lukewarm response to goat meat while it is simply loved by the rest of the world. While the annual per capita consumption of goat meat is 1.7 pounds, it is only 0.25 for Americans. It is in a way similar to the love of the Americans for the NFL while the rest of the world loves soccer. 

this is an image of goat meat

Goat is a Noble Creature Good for the Environment

Most Americans prefer beef, pork, chicken, and lamb over goat meat thinking it is tough to chew and digest, and hence its demand is less compared to other kinds of meats. It is time to change this thinking as goat meat is perhaps the healthiest and also the tastiest of all red meats. Goats are noble creatures as they subsist on weeds that are mostly ignored by other animals. Goats are wonderful animals that work for the betterment of the environment around them by clearing the land and getting rid of the weed on the land that they live on. 

If you are a meat-eater, it is time you paid attention to red meat obtained from goat. It is mild in taste and feels like a cross between chicken and pork. You will be surprised to find that goat meat tastes so good and you were at a loss to have stayed away from it for so long. Goat meat is a perfect neutral meat for all kinds of curries and stews. You also get all the cuts of meat that you enjoy eating from tender ones to the bony stews.