Goat Milk, Butter, And Cheese

Traditionally, it is cow milk that has been widely consumed by humans across the globe. There is no doubt that cow milk is full of nutrients and cows also produce milk very efficiently. However, there are many other animals whose milk is considered fit for our consumption and has similar nutrients in them, if not more than a cow’s or a buffalo’s milk. Some of such animals are camel, buffalo, sheep, and goat. Out of them, it is goat milk that has become very popular these days. Goat milk is so delicious that it is used to make butter and cheese. 

Goat Dairy Products are Healthier and Tastier

American goats are fabulous animals. They provide us with not only just meat but also highly nutritious dairy products. Some species of bush goats are also being used for weed control by farmers. But if we talk about just goat milk, we find that it is not only nutritious and tasty but also easily digestible to human beings. There are so many individuals having allergies to high lactose content in cow milk. For these people, goat milk is a great alternative to get some nutrients and proteins into their bodies without having any allergic reactions caused by lactose, which is almost nil in a goat’s milk. 

this is an image of goat cheese

Why do Scientists Rank Goat Milk Higher than Cow Milk?

When it comes to nutrition, scientists say that goat milk is superior to cow milk. It is also considered very healthy and very tasty compared to cow’s milk. Goat milk leads to better and easier micronutrient absorption than cow milk. What this means is that minerals like calcium and iron present in goat milk are readily absorbed in the human body after their consumption. 

Not many people know that goat milk helps in keeping the dreaded lifestyle disease diabetes away. It contains a protein called casein (A2 beta) which is known for its ability to fight diabetes. This protein also makes it easier for goat milk to be easily and quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. It does not cause acidity, bloating, or gas after consumption. 

this is an image of goat milk

Goat Butter is a Real Superfood

Goat butter is considered a superfood by scientists. It is not only just tasty and healthy but also has many advantages over butter made using cow and buffalo milk. It is not yellow like cow butter as it does not contain beta carotene. Also, it has a different taste than cow butter, it tastes sweet and grassy. Goat butter has a much lower melting point than cow butter which means you can expect your butter to melt and easily spread over bread after taking it out from the refrigerator. If you have any allergies to cow milk, you will love goat butter as it does not contain casein. 

Switch to Goat Cheese if you are Allergic to Lactose

Goat butter is natural, unlike cow butter. This is because of fact that cow butter is mass-produced and cows are injected with hormones for higher production of milk. It is not the case with goat milk. The same is the case with goat cheese which is natural and does not contain any kind of growth hormones. If you are forced to eat margarita pizzas because of indigestion problems from lactose present in cow milk, pizzas made using goat cheese are wonderful options for you. You will find that goat cheese is not just softer, but also tangier than cow cheese. 

In the end, it can be said that goat milk is not only just healthier for human beings; it is also a tastier and healthier option when consumed in any form.