Goat Yoga – For A Healthier You!

Goat yoga is a concept that has caught the imagination of millions of people across the country. Health-conscious individuals who are also nature lovers simply love the idea of Goat Yoga which is nothing more than what the phrase means. People doing yoga in a yoga class include adorable baby goats in these classes. They make poses called asanas as these baby goats move around freely.

Baby Goats Serve as Stress Busters

Baby goat yoga is also called Caprine Vinyasa. It is intended to be a relaxed form of yoga that is full of fun in the company of adorable baby goats. These adorable American goats prove to be happy distractions as yogis can pet them and enjoy their company while doing asanas. Most of the asanas or poses are of beginner difficulty level to allow more and more individuals to take advantage of this kind of yoga. 

How Goat Yoga Started

Goat Yoga is believed to have started in 2016 in Oregon.  A farm owner called Lainey Morse allowed a yoga instructor to organize classes on his farm with the condition that his goats would be allowed to move around freely. These classes became a hit instantly and yogis loved to do their regular asanas in the company of these cute and adorable baby goats. 

Yogis are Allowed to Play with Baby Goats

The most important thing in Goat yoga is fun and enjoyment for the yogis. They can choose to focus upon their asanas or play with baby goats that make these classes more interesting for the participants. Everyone in the class desires to have a baby goat climbing upon their backs. It is hilarious for others while the one performing a yoga pose finds it challenging to continue with a baby goat upon his back. 

It is common to see participants petting and playing with the baby goats during goat yoga classes. Instructors don’t mind such interactions as they form an integral part of these classes. Participants enjoy seeing baby goats taking a nap on a mat or even in the lap of a yogi during these classes. 

It is an instinct to feed baby goats, the farms where these goat yoga classes are organized to prepare snacks in advance. These snacks are given to yogis who can feed the baby goats whenever they so desire. 

this image shows baby goats

Playful Goats Prove to be Happy Distractions

Doing yoga in the company of furry baby goats can be a challenge for serious yogis. These adorable animals try their best to break the concentration of the yogis who try to make yoga poses. If you do not know, baby goats are very naughty and playful. They are bundles of energy and serve the purpose of relieving the stress of the yogis during these classes.

If you are a lover of animals, you can rest assured that all farms and centers organizing goat yoga classes take great care of their baby goats and their mothers. They not only feed them properly but also take care of their health and safety. These animals are kept in a very safe and comfortable environment and baby goats have a blast during goat yoga classes!